What does the glitter contain?

Our biodegradable glitter contains Poly-lactic acid, a polymer obtained from cornstarch or sugarcane. It’s made from yearly renewable resources. The proportion of biodegradable material in the end product is 99.9%, the sparkling effect is achieved by <0.1% colour pigments. We guarantee you a glitter free of heavy metals and petroleum-based plastic.

How does the glitter degrade in nature?

The glitter is compostable to carbon, water and biomass and is certified according to DIN EN 13432:200-12. This means, the biodegradable glitter will degrade to at least 90% carbon, water and minerals after 6 months of treatment under optimal conditions (watery medium, lots of bacteria, lots of heat). Depending on where you use the glitter, the degradation might take longer, as the optimal degradation requirements can not be achieved.

Therefore, we ask you to take off the glitter after the party with a tissue and dispose in the biowaste. By that, it will end up in the industrial composting where it will be degraded fastest.

Is your glitter vegan?

Yes, it is. There were no animals harmed, neither during the production nor with the finished product.

Can I eat your glitter?

No. The glitter is certified for contact with foods according to EU Nr. 10/2011, but we advise you not to eat it. It’s no problem to use it on e.g. your lips, though.

How can I apply the glitter?

Our biodegradable glitter is used for oil-based applications. You can simply use an oil-based cream or base and apply some of the cream before adding the glitter. The glitter is suitable for short-time contact with water, but you should not dilute it in water as it might lose its colour.

What sizes do you sell?

Currently we have three different sizes. From left to right: Big, medium, small.

You have more questions about our biodegradable glitter?
Don’t worry, you can ask us anything here.