About us

Who are we?

Who’s the guys behind the project Glitterkram? Why are we fighting for a greener future and who does what? You can read more about us on this page.

team member


Environmental Chemistry & Design

Sonja did her master in Environmental Chemistry and is happy to answer all your specific questions about the eco glitter. As an environmental scientist, she cares about the protection of our environment and wants to contribute to the protection of the oceans with the project Glitterkram. She did the design, logos and pictures you can find on our web page. In her spare time, she loves to be creative, do yoga and meet up with friends.


team member


Project management & Communication

Thore is still working hard to become a mechanical engineer and the master of project management. Despite saving the environment, he does not want to miss a good portion of glitter while partying and is involved in the project Glitterkram with all his heart. He is happy to answer all your upcoming questions. In his free time he likes to deal with a hand full of other projects, makes music or is at / on his little boat.

You can reach us here:

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