Chocolate – Biodegradable glitter

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Glitter up your life!
For all you with a sweet tooth: the darkest of our glitters – Chocolate. Low in calories and won’t make those love handles grow. Can be applied externally as much as you want – and most importantly: without any guilt.

We guarantee: 

  • Certified biodegradable glitter
  • Free from petroleum-based plastic
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Vegan

Apply some cream before adding the glitter. Then you can easily distribute the glitter with your fingers or a brush.

Available as a starter size (enough for a very sparkling party or festival) and as a bigger paper refill pack for those who can not get enough of our glitter.

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Biodegradable glitter made from yearly renewable resources. Biodegradable to carbon, water and biomass, certified according to DIN EN 1243:200-12. Compostable and free of petroleum-based polymers, plastics and heavy metals.

Suitable for short contact with water.
Not suitable for long-term contact with water and substances containing solvents.
Meets the requirements of EU Cosmetics Regulation (EU No. 1223/2009).

Weight might vary depending on the glitter, as the cups are filled according to volume.
Depending on the light conditions, the colours might vary.

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