Flamingo Mix – Biodegradable glitter

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Glitter up your life!
Fun fact: Flamingos are born as gray, little feather lumps. Only by regularly sprinkling them with biodegradable glitter they get their pink plumage.

Mix of pink, purple and silver in different sizes.

We guarantee: 

  • Certified biodegradable glitter
  • Free from petroleum-based plastic
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Vegan

Apply some cream before adding the glitter. Then you can easily distribute the glitter with your fingers or a brush.

Available as a starter size (enough for a very sparkling party or festival) and as a bigger paper refill pack for those who can not get enough of our glitter.

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Biodegradable glitter made from yearly renewable resources. Biodegradable to carbon, water and biomass, certified according to DIN EN 1243:200-12. Compostable and free of petroleum-based polymers, plastics and heavy metals.

Suitable for short contact with water.
Not suitable for long-term contact with water and substances containing solvents.
Meets the requirements of EU Cosmetics Regulation (EU No. 1223/2009).

Weight might vary depending on the glitter, as the cups are filled according to volume.
Depending on the light conditions, the colours might vary.

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